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Social/Environmental Initiatives


Sustainability Policy

Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc., FRI’s asset management company, established a sustainability policy. FRI will take measures in collaboration with the asset management company in an aim to contribute to the coexistence of social/economic development and preservation of the global environment.

Reducing environmental impact

(1) Reducing carbon emissions through pursuing energy efficiency

We aim to contribute to reducing carbon emissions through implementing power saving and energy efficiency measures in our operations as well as installing energy efficient equipment.

(2) Conserving water and other resources while reducing waste

We aim to introduce high-efficiency fixtures to conserve water and promote 3Rs, i.e., reduce, reuse, recycle, to contribute to realizing resource-saving and recycle-oriented society.

(3) Reducing hazardous substances

We aim to promote measures to lower the impact of hazardous substances on the environment and people's health.

Collaborating with various stakeholders

(1) Cooperation and coexistence with local communities

We aim to operate our retail facilities as a “core of local community”, providing place of human interaction and information exchange and thus contributing to regional vitalization.

(2) Collaborating with Mitsui Fudosan group companies and tenants

We strive to create comfortable and environmentally-conscious retail space, collaborating with Mitsui Fudosan group companies and our tenant corporates, so as to improve customer satisfaction as well as to enhance sustainability awareness among our visitors.

(3) Engaging with our employees

We endeavor to raise environmental awareness and literacy among our employees through conducting organized educational activities including environmental seminars as well as to realize work-life balance by supporting diversified work styles.

(4) Establishing trusting relationships with our investors

We make the best efforts to disclose non-financial information including environment, social and governance (ESG) factors in addition to financial information in a timely and adequate manner, aiming to establish trusting relationships with our investors.

Sustainability Policy PDF(PDF:51.1KB)

Reduction Targets and Management of Targets for Energy Consumption

Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc., FRI’s asset management company, has established the “Energy Conservation Guidelines,” in which it has made the following settings as to the reduction targets and management of targets with regard to energy consumption volume.

(1) Setting of reduction targets for total consumption of primary energy or basic unit of consumption
  • Pursuant to the Energy Conservation Act (Act on the Rational Use of Energy), the basic target is set for reducing the basic unit of energy consumption by 1% annually on average over medium- to long-term perspective for the entire portfolio and individual properties.
  • The term for the medium- to long-term target is set for the upcoming five years from each year. If separate targets are required by local regulations, etc. relating to countermeasures against global warming, target figures shall be set individually.
(2) Management of targets
  • Success or failure of achieving the targets (capability or incapability of achieving the targets over the medium to long term) shall be confirmed by grasping the actual figures for the current fiscal year and comparing them with the energy consumption of the preceding fiscal year or multiple fiscal years in the past. Management of plans and actual results of energy consumption shall be implemented every six months in order to identify the causes for increase or decrease.
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